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             The hectic schedule and the lack of drive to write about anything had been the reasons why I couldn't update this blog anymore. But this time, I'm going to raise it from the grave and do my annual thing. That is to present to you the PEOPLE OF MY YEAR 2013! :)

              Honestly, 2013 has been not so good to me. I lost few valuable things. I have been scammed, twice. (Damn! I hate that word! Please never ask me about them anymore.) I have gone through certain riffs between me and my family. I have lost confidence. I graduated in college but I felt no satisfaction at all. And most of all, I was hospitalized the second time! And it hurt more because I bore the expenses! Ouch!

              Okay. Stop the dramas. Let's go to the brighter side of my year. Well, yes, I graduated. I may not be satisfied but at least I got out of school! Yey!

              I had been jobless, you know. I spent one month of sending resumes and cover letters to offices and attending interviews and exams here in GenSan and in Davao and good news! None of them called again! So I figured out another way to earn while I'm at home. I looked for online jobs again. And I got lucky to have 3 jobs at the same time without having to sacrifice my weekends! I'd been an online teacher for both Koreans and Japanese students and a real estate virtual assistant for a New York real estate agent. Sounds so international! Haha! After two months, I finally got a real office job in the LOVELAND!

              Alright, I will cut my 2013 adventure so we can proceed to the real subject. Guys and girls, THE PEOPLE OF MY YEAR 2013 are....tentenenen!

* Ate/Teacher Nory Lat

                 I don't have a degree in Education or English. But out of desperation to seek a source of income and new experience, I tried sending my resume to various Online English Academies thru email. And Teacher/Ate Nory was the first one to reply.
                "Gusto kitang tulungan..." - the unforgettable phrase I heard from her after finding out that I don't have enough experience. I was really impressed and touched because even though it was our first time to speak and the fact that her boss could be mad at her for allowing an inexperience person like me to proceed to a demo class, she still took the risk for me. She didn't scare me. She even took the time to give some advice on how to impress Jay (the son of her boss) despite her busy schedule that time.
                Not only do I admire Ate Nory for being a good teacher but also for being a strong person for her family. I don't know if I'm allowed to share some of her personal stories but all I know is that she's a loving mom and wife. She's not like other wives out there who just sit back and relax while their husbands are away working their asses off. She looked for ways to help while still having time for her son. And that's something that any person would admire.

                Ate Nory has been my guide to the online teaching world. We sometimes exchange thoughts and share our experiences. Funny how our minds connive whenever we complain about our students. haha! THANK YOU FOR BEING A PART OF MY YEAR ATE NORY!



               Do you know that fulfilling moment when you're students improve  their English each day? That feeling when you can smash the barrier of communication between you and them? That feeling when you and your student get along... and the feeling when your student becomes comfortable sharing his/her thoughts without minding his/her difficulty in English?
               I always believed that TEACHING IS THE NOBLEST JOB in the world. And it's a challenging role! PATIENCE is a very important ingredient. And I doubted myself for that. I even swore I will never become a teacher! But the world turns to 180 degrees. It was April when I became a teacher. From that experience, I finally realized how good it is to share your knowledge and to help others improve. I didn't have enough experience in teaching. I even get errors myself. But I thank God for giving me such opportunity to meet these people. I learned to love Koreans. I understand why some of them are bored of learning English but I am very honored to become one of the instruments for them to be English proficient individuals.

              In just a short span of time, I learned to love them and to relate to them. South Koreans are really nice people. Thank you kids for making my 2013 unforgettable.

* Toru Kusanagi

Toru was my Japanese student. He enrolled to my class every 9:30PM (PH time). He's 61 years old, a retired fireman but has been working again for his family and to finance his English classes. At his age, he still makes sure that he could play tennis on Sundays.

"Herro! This is To-ru" - his cute line every time he answers my call. Toru told me that he left for USA after getting his retirement pay to learn English. He spent almost P 2Million for a few weeks class.

              So if you are looking for a LOYAL, COOPERATIVE AND ENTHUSIASTIC English student, then Toru is the person to call. I get excited and glad whenever I see him on the list of my Japanese students for the night. Even if it's out of the context of the lesson, he always makes sure that he prepares a topic for the free talking. He shares about Japan, he researches about anything that I share about Philippines and share his research in the next class. He's a very happy man. The way he values education even at his age is another thing that I look up to him. It's not only me who shared my knowledge and ideas but I also got the chance to learn from him and his life experiences. His PASSION to learn has driven me to continue my evening class at that school.

And now that I don't teach anymore for 4 months, I realize how I miss talking to him and to my other students.

* Ate Birdie (Sheryl Pedroso)

             Still on my list is this crazy, intelligent and carefree woman who I consider my big sister! We only see each other once or twice whenever she comes home from Manila. Buttttt! Even if that's the case, Ate Birdie always sees to it that our communication is present. Thanks to Facebook and sometimes Viber!
            Ate Birdie is a bold person. What I mean with BOLD is that, she's not afraid to try anything. She is not afraid to share her experiences. Her stories always make sense to me even if her stories are out of what I can imagine! Haha!

            But despite her bold personality, she remains to be an ATE to me. She never encouraged me to do the crazy things she did. She even tells me that she doesn't like to see me doing the things that she did either. Awwww!!! Sooooo sweeet!

            Ate Birdie and I love coffee or tea. For the whole duration of our date, she does the 70% talking and I do the "Really?" "Wow!" "Asssss in?!" " Hahahaha!" "Waaaah!" "OhMy!" ... I'm just thankful she still doesn't find me a boring person, does she?

            On a serious note, this woman is someone that I admire for her intelligence. I love that she cares for me and for the other writers of the VOICE PUBLICATION. I love her principles. I love that she's outspoken. I love it when she grins at everyone. I love her for being an Ate to me. :')

            This year ulit Ate! :)

* Charles (CHUCK) Stanfield

     Chuck is the best and true friend that I got from the other side of the world! :)
       When I was in college, I went to Odesk.com to post my profile and resume there for the employers to see. It was around the 4th week of January 2012 when a guy named Charles Stanfield sent me an invitation for an interview. He introduced me to the job and even gave me $3 milestone payment right before I could start my first article to assure me that I will be paid.

        That time, I don't have unlimited access to the internet. I have to register to a one-day unli internet subscription so I can continue work online. When I told him that, he immediately gave $10 on top of the $3 rate per 300-word article. HE was very considerate about my schedule as a college student and had shown appreciation on my works. When our contract ended, he'd given me $180 in total! 70 bucks of that was a bonus that I never asked for! I was so happy back then. I didn't expect it! I am mentioning all these figures not because I am boasting but because I want the world to know how generous this man is.

                  When our business was over, Chuck suddenly disappeared. I emailed him both on odesk and gmail but no response. I messaged him on Skype and still got no response. In my desperation to find him, I googled his name and even looked at the obituary sections online! Haha! Sorry Chuck. And then one day, I saw a post of his friend on his facebook stating that they miss him. That's the time when I stopped looking for him and concluded that he's dead.

                   20 months after our last conversation, I saw Chuck's post on FB. And I got really excited to contact him! So just this November, we were able to keep in touch. We had been good friends since then.
I include Chuck on the list because for the 2 months of talking to him, I've learned a lot about life. He is not there to be my boss anymore but to be a true friend who loves me from the other side of the world. He's loving, genuine and honest.

                   He's coming on July! I hope that will still push through so I can introduce him to my friends and to the Philippines. Thank you for everything Chuck! :)


                 It's been 10 months since we graduated. I, Dana, Vergie and Jane are already experiencing the tiresome reality of being career women. While Kaye and Gladz are also on a struggle facing debits and credits. Though we now have our separate lives outside the university, I thank God because He had given me such girls with different characters from each other. Girls that provide me comfort in their own unique ways. Girls that make me smile. Girls that share with me every moment of happiness when we're together. Girls that are still crazy even if others say we should act like professionals. Girls that lead me to the GRAY world. Gray because I believe they're not the cleanest and most righteous people and neither the dirtiest and meanest ones. They're neither white nor black. They're in between. That's why I love to be around them.

               I've only been with them for 2 years now but the friendship they offer is as warm as they give since this group started. I thank... (according to age)

JANE,  for being so cruel. Haha! Just kidding! For being there even if sometimes it's not so obvious that she cares.

KAYE, for being present at times that we get together. I know she's busy with a lot of stuff, and with SOMEONE... but still, she comes around.

VERGIE, for sharing her thoughts... For being straightforward and for the efforts even if her work demands 150% of her time. haha!

DANA, for remaining to be sweet even if she's hundred miles away... For not forgetting her loyal friends here in GenSan even if she's back in the arms of her old friends in Samar.

GLADZ, for being a listener and a companion... for being the best friend and OLDER SISTER that I was always longing for... For being strong despite the tests she's going through.


                   The last but not the least on the list are my boyfriends! Some say, when you go to college, there's a high chance of losing that closeness with your high school friends. But I guess that cliche just deosn't apply to us.

KARLO - He's been my best boy friend since 3rd grade. We go to canteen together. We go home together. We laugh at our teachers together. We are both clever and naughty kids back then. Actually until now. He's a talker and I am a listener (as always). When he found out that someone has been mean to me back in college, he befriended her on facebook and suddenly just hit the REPORT button! His simple yet funny ways of comforting me are simply the best. The last time we spoke face-to-face was six months ago. I wish I had been not so snobbish when he came home. I WILL SEE YOU SOON GOLIATH!

VERWIN - My boyfriend since 2nd grade. Haha! Well, if you happen to read my previous years' post, I stated there that he was a fat kid. Anyhow, he's been one of the people that I trust. He's one of those who will give time to visit you at the hospital. He's one of those who'll try his best to wake up 6am for a jog even though the original plan is 4am. Haha! Between Karlo and Verwin, the latter has the least info about what happened to me during my college years. I wanna share him such things but every time I attempt to, I end up thinking that he might not be interested or he could not relate to it. But I know that if ever I had shared those things before, he will understand.

REGI - My boyfriend since we were freshmen - highschool years. I remember those times when I get so irritated of him for being arrogant and mean to some of our classmates! It was only during our Junior years that he became the funniest yet a smart guy in the class. When he cracks jokes, everyone laughs. His face alone makes us laugh until now. Haha! I only get to realize how close we've been when I tell my teachers to put his name under the group that I would lead. His versatility and sweetness became the way for us to connect as good friends. Regardless of his not-so-serious personality, he has this side of being a good listener and a confidante. He was one of those true friends who comforted and had given me the right advice that I need. Even if he doesn't know the situation completely, I felt the support from him as a friend. Oh EM! I'm overly dramatic! But really, REGI is a good guy. His girlfriend is blessed to have him. And I am happy that finally, someone is making his heart happy as well. See you on your graduation Poopie! :)

                So finally, I'm almost done with my speech! 2013 has not been so good to me but everything has been worth while because of these people who shared the year with me. GOD always has a purpose. He has given some trials but has drawn me closer to these beautiful individuals. I am looking forward for more years with these people! Until next next next years guys! I LOVE YOU! ^_^

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                Yey! Better late than never! Tada! I’m here to boast the list of people of people who made the year 2012 worthwhile and amazing. So without further ado, here are the best of the best of all the people that I’d been cherishing moments with for the past 12 months.

                I remember the first time I met Ate Birdie. She went to the office asking about KuyaIsko (a Voice Alumnus). We answered her questions very formally. I thought she’s just a classmate of KuyaIsko or just another Damean who thought the office was the VOX’s or Sports Facilities’. When I think of that moment, until now, I can’t help but smile. She left and returned after a second and finally introduced herself as the former Editor-in-Chief of the Voice Publication. I was in awe when I heard that! I think it took a lot of guts to do it.  And even though it felt odd talking to her and letting her in to the office, we somehow, immediately, shared a common thing which gave us something to talk about for the 30-minute break that we had. She just got back from Manila to continue her studies. She has nowhere to go since she seems to be a new student again. From then on, Ate Birdie became part of the publication again.
                To tell you honestly, I got conscious talking to her. She used to be a call center agent so she has that English accent and is fluent in speaking the language. Plus, don’t forget the fact that she is a very outspoken and intelligent person. She speaks what she has in mind in a way that it would be delivered civilly. But I thought her judgment would still hurt. So I was afraid that any moment, she’ll slap her opinion into my face if I say the wrong words or spit out the wrong grammar. Even during the time that I’m typing this post, I’m feeling uneasy about my grammar. Haha! But whatever, I know Ate Birdie isn’t as harsh as what I thought she is. J
                Eversince I took the EIC position of the publication, Ate Birdie was there to ask me what’s happening. She always says YES to favors that I ask. She helps in formulating the pub’s plans and goals and that is what I appreciate most about her. Even though she already graduated from that student pub responsibility, you can still see and feel her dedication as a journalist. She was even the one who provoked us to speak our minds and not to let ourselves be constrained by what the school would only want us to write. She injected that FREEDOM OF SPEECH that we are privileged of as student journalists. Oh my! How I wish she’s our moderator, life could have been easier for me, for us!
                If you can just sit for an hour with her, I tell you, you’ll learn a lot of sensible things. She would tell you about her experiences, love story, life story, career, favorites, dreams and outlooks in life. She’s a person with depth. She has deeper reasons of everything.  I actually consider her as someone I look up to when it comes to sharing her views and to her determination on achieving what she wants in life.
                I’m really blessed to have and for meeting her. If not because of her help, I won’t survive the pressures that I faced in the pub during the last semester. I pray to have her for many more years. I love you Ate Birds!


                Is it a boon or bane? If you’re going to ask me about holding the highest position of the publication, aside from the moderator, of course, I’d definitely answer BOON. When I accepted the position, I honestly have not slept for a week because of the EXCITEMENT, WORRIES, PLANS that were on my mind even before, when I was still dreaming of getting the position, and the GOALS that I want to achieve to improve the student publication under my administration. I’ve thought of so many projects that I want to happen to uplift the image of the student publication and the name of the organization itself.
                When the first semester (last June) started, I admit that I adjusted 180 degrees from my usual stressful and busy life as a former accountancy student. Due to the very few units that I only have to take, my class schedule had been pretty idle which gave me more time to think of the “failure” and “what-if’s” that I experienced last summer. It wasn’t easy, trust me. It wasn’t easy seeing the people you used to be classmates with for the past three years attending their usual nerve-wrecking subjects. It wasn’t easy admitting that you can never go back from the time that you could have done better if not only because of the circumstances and discouragements. And it’s not that easy pretending that everything’s fine after all.
                But… thanks to the Voice Publication. It made me busy. It made me forget the time for stressing out myself about the past. I knew then that sitting as the EIC wouldn’t be easy too for me but I thought, since it’s my passion, I would have the chance to prove myself on something that I love doing. So there, I took the challenge. I tried to change the environment. From the usual no-commitment-at-all organization, I tried turning it back again to an organization with dedicated staff. It was hard at first. I can’t blame others if they can’t do their part very well because of their priorities.  But I wanted them badly to stay for the organization. In my vision, I know that we can change the way students see the organization, that it’s not just some lame club.
                I believe the new set of Voice people is all ready to lead next school year. This semester has been great for us. Our relationship gets tighter every time we do activities together. I hope this continues though.


                This girl has been my partner on our quest for the company for our on-the-job training. We went to ABS-CBN, GMA, Killerbee, Wild FM, risk our virginities at some FM station located in Pioneer, and finally settled at Lorenzo Accounting, Auditing, Realty and Law offices with Leonel and Jefferson.
                When I found out that miFebie (that’s what I call her) can be my companion for the entire summer, I somehow felt that pressure of keeping up with her. We’ve been classmates for two and a half years then but we never had the chance to talk for hours or eat together. She’s one of the top accountancy students in our batch and my head’s up to her because of her humble brilliance. miFebie has this default look, stare, smirk and aura which intimidates strangers, including me. If you only know her by name, you would say that she’s SUPLADA, MAYABANG, and MALDITA. I know because I’d been there. But when the OJT started, I came to realize one thing, I WAS WRONG. I was completely wrong when I thought she was MAYABANG. She’s completely the opposite! She’s a genius but she wouldn’t make you feel that she’s one and you’re not. She’s more PALAK than me; more diligent than I am and she admits her weaknesses like she doesn’t care if everyone’s gonna laugh at her for that.
                The Lorenzo days are still very fresh on my mind. I remember the night when I was not in myself. I was computing and computing and still I cannot get the same totals. I was just keying in to the calculator the wrong figures. I almost cried because of the dumbness and exhaustion that I felt. But lucky and blessed was me because miFebie was there to save the day! She recalculated all the figures and got the balance in just few tries. That’s what I call, our TANDEM. She compensated my weakness in accounting. And I was glad to help her in computer stuffs. We collide, eh?
                Our summer was way dramatic and fun compared to our classmates’. Whenever I think of the lunch breaks, time manipulations, afternoon sneak outs to grab our snacks, hot working environment, business attires, my caught-in-the-act sleeping, our daily notebook, our one of a kind superiors, Atty. Lorenzo’s meaningful stories and advices, our bribes to the employees, and miFebie’s horrible yet laugh-trip-to-the-max personal stories, I become really nostalgic. She made my summer UNFORGETTABLE. Oh my gosh! Am I falling for her? Bwaaahhhahaha! Kidding.
                You have no idea how much I learned to love this girl. Her simplicity, her modesty, her natural comedienne persona, her frankness, her thoughtfulness and diligence are just few of her characteristics that made people love her more. And just this summer, I was the addition to the list of people who was inspired and who loves Febyang. I know in my heart that someday, miFebie’s going to be successful and that she would stay as the FebiejaneAlinsunurin we all have loved and admired.

MEOWRKS (Kaye, Dana, Vergie, Jane and Gladys)

                No pressure. No demands. Go with the flow.
                This is what I like about these girls. Since they let me in to the group, I never felt that “you-don’t-belong” feeling. Each of them has different personalities yet they still get along with each other. We seldom get completed but the absence of one does not start any argument or tampuhan. Because of this group, I realize that if someone wants a friendship to last, UNDERSTANDING is the KEY PART to achieve it.

                Kaye’s like Dana. She’s always not in sight. But despite her really busy schedule, she sees to it that she could make time for us. She’d rather cancel what’s already planned to be with us when we call her. Though sometimes we bully her when she’s around, I love the fact that she doesn’t care. She laughs with us instead. She might look so serious but I tell you, she also has that bubbly and funny side that we love. And oh! She has a future as a chef! If not because of her, we wouldn’t have something to eat on the night of my birthday.  I, however, regret that we only had a few bonding moments together. But my hope’s still up for our date. I’m soooo looking forward to that! I LOVE YOU BIBI KAYE!


                I never expected Dana to cause my tears… of joy! Hahah! And those tears still come back whenever I remember that one perfect incident during our retreat! Let me tell you, I, Vergie and Dana were at the mess hall for our dinner. “ Guys! Angsaraplaginito?!,” Dana said referring to the fried Tilapia. I realized then that it might be her first time to eat such viand. I and Vergie were glad for her until one second; she’s cramming and was calling our attention for help. NATINIK SIYA SA DILA!!!!And she wants me to get it straight from her tongue. And because I was an evil friend, instead of helping her, I burst out from laughter. My tears and sweat were already falling. But hey, I tried keeping myself calm. I just can’t! It’s my first time to see someone getting so nervous about being in such situation. And knowing Dana, she might have thought that it’s her last day on earth! Vergie’s not innocent during that time at all. She also laughed hard! Really hard!
                Hahaist… That’s one happy memory I had with Dana. I never thought she has that side that could make us laugh. Her innocence about some normal things makes her cute and funny without her giving efforts. Sometimes she gets curious of why did we laugh at something she said, and when she starts to ask, we laugh harder. Hahaha!
                LEDE LOVES YOU BIBI DANA!

                Just because of the Eng 12 subject, I and Vergie got close. Scrupulously, I was afraid of her when I first came in to the group. Yeah, like me, Vergie also has this intimidating aura that drives strangers away. But I found out that Vergie’s one of the funniest person you could ever be with! She’s the most fashionista among the group and I admire her ability to turn simple clothes to pretty ones. Maybe her way of carrying those clothes also adds factor to her style.
                Well aside from the style, I discovered that she’s a very caring person, a mature thinker. She’s not that serious but I could tell that she sees things more maturely than I am, than Jane’s, than Gladys’s. However, I was also surprise to find out that Vergie has a crazy side. She makes fun of us, of herself and of others. When she’s in the mood to laugh, you’ll be infected as well. If she’s in the mood for a bully, you’ll have to extend the length of your patience because she’ll do whatever it takes to annoy you. Haha!
For the last semester, Vergie was my companion and my confidant. It was a good thing that I have her throughout the adjusting and shifting phase of my life. I didn’t miss my everyday pals, Jane and Gladys, so much because of her. She taught me good things without her knowing that she did. I think this is the first time that I’m gonna tell this, her EYES are her assets. ;)
                I LOVE YOU YAYA VERGIE!!!!

                I could not forgive myself if I wouldn’t include her as a person of my year. Why? Well… if you have read my People of my Year 2011, you will remember some of the description I said out of sarcasm for this creature.
Well, with regard to her DEFAULT LOOK, it’s still there. Haha! But hey, I could say that I can only see it less often this year. To tell you, Jane’s been pulling my conscience because of the things that I’ve said. She told me that she’s just misunderstood. I was happy because she reacted. I appreciate that she appreciated and noted my comments.
                That was a year ago. For another 366 days that I’ve lived with Jane in sight, I can testify how much CHANGE Jane had injected into her system. If I’m not mistaken, that’s been her motto since 2012 started. Sometimes I ask myself if I did the right thing of sharing what I think of her because she might have accepted it negatively. But I believe not. Jane’s level of opposition decreased. No wonder why Jane’s gained more friends this year. This year, I discovered how loving of a friend Jane is. She doesn’t care if all her allowance will be spent just to treat us for a celebration.  She’ll do what it takes to do the favors you ask her. I love it when I see her laughing or smiling. It refreshes my day. ;)
I apologize, though, if I misunderstood her for what she is. But you know what? I look up to her for her open-mindedness about other people’s criticisms about her.
                Jane’s one of the good people that I will never forget until I die! I declare that!
              I LOVE SHYOOU BIBI JANE!

                I WOULD NOT DENY THAT, SO FAR, I’D BEEN SPENDING MOST OF MY PRECIOUS TIME WITH THIS UNPREDICTABLE, ABNORMAL CREATURE FOR THE PAST YEAR. Well, why could I not be? We live few blocks away from each other; I benefit from their free air-conditioned room and internet connection; they have the sweetest bitch and pupps ever; PLUS, I get to enjoy the foods on their table. This past sem break, I’d been staying in their house almost every day! (MAKAPAL MUKA KO EH! ) She and her sister even call me their AMPON. And… I liked that term and the amenities I get from the Mendoza home!
                Ironically, I was the one who laughed at Jane for being such a fan of Gladys when she makes kwento about her before. But now, look at me. As much I hate to admit it, I found a BEST & TRUE FRIEND and a SISTER in her. I think I’d never shared this before. Gladys was the one who broke in to our house and brought a lot of foods. It was the day when I found out about my Advanced Accounting grade. Gladys knew I was sobbing the whole day though I didn’t tell her. When I found out that she’s outside, I turned off the lights – to shoo her away because I know that she’s afraid of the dark – and ran to the room to hide my swelling eyes! Hahaha! She went in hugged me from my back (ka-sweet!) and tried to uncover my face to look at my eyes (ai! Bad pala!). She was strong enough to pull the pillow. Lucky me that I have held my tears longer so she wouldn’t see and laugh about it…
                Now I know what Jane felt when Gladys visited to bring foods to comfort her. I never thought Gladys would also do that for me. I don’t care if she mocked my eyebags to make me laugh. I knew all along that she spent her money for all those ice creams and stuff, but she didn’t mind. That’s the way she shows us how far she would go to make her friends feel her presence and comfort. And because of that, I promised myself that I would be there for her and for my other beloved friends whenever and as much as I can.
Gladys is absolutely not that emoteratype who would cry with you when you tell her your sad story. In contrast, she’s the type of that friend who will effortlessly make you laugh and will make you stop crying and feeling bad. No wonder why she easily gets along with different groups of people with different personalities from each other.
                Thanks to Gladys ‘coz I don’t have to torture myself to boredom. You know how much happiness you give me whenever I get the chance to bully you! Haha!

               My 2012 journey was the craziest of all roller coaster rides. I suffered with my really sick health, I blamed it for my lack of diligence on studying; I failed from being a BSA student, I sobbed to death; I picked up all my shattered courage to stand up and face everyone and everything again; I  prepared myself for sympathies and criticisms; I made one of the most important and hardest decision of my life; I prepared myself for adjustments; I felt regrets; I felt reliefs; I apologized; I forgave; I met new friends; I said hello to old friends; I learned from my mistakes; I got confuse; I found love; I found peace; I earned happiness despite everything that’s happened. I also realized how important it is to open-up your feelings to worthy people like the people of my year. It’s a once in a lifetime chance to share moments with such good ones and a lifetime achievement to know them and to learn from them. They and my other friends, relatives, and experiences are my blessings from God. I know I’m not a religious person, but I guess, if God don’t love me for that, He wouldn’t bring this happiness. I pray for another worth-remembering and extravagant 2013, not just for me, but for all the people I love and care for. J


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A Meaningful Christmas 2012 (Part 2)


                I was too lazy to get up from Jane’s bed. If only I didn’t have another party to attend for, I would lie there for three more hours. But I have and it’s 8:00am already! I have to be home at 9:00 to prepare myself for the next two activities of the Voice Publication: COMMUNITY EXTENSION and CHRISTMAS PARTY.
                When I finished taking a bath, I felt that abnormal feeling within me. I thought I’m going to get a fever and colds. I took medicines to somehow ease the not so comfortable feeling. While on my way, I received messages from some members explaining why they can’t attend the activities. Honestly, I got disappointed…frustrated. I want everyone’s participation and attendance so our relationship as a team would be stronger. But instead of dwelling so much on the exasperating feeling, I ignored all their texts and didn’t reply. I just thought that it’s not my loss anyway. Hehe
                At the Voice Office – we only had two hours to wrap the gifts and buy foods for the kids. I was glad that at least, 50% of the group was present. And to my surprise, I saw Ramayanah showing April and Jonnafe her sexy dance! Rama’s one of the Maria Clara of the group and I can’t believe what she just did! Oh well, she’s maybe just happy that the world didn’t end.
                Clarice (Waka as what we call each other) got back from the mall with the BEAN BOOZLE! It’s a box of bean-shaped chewable thingies that is composed variety of flavors! The weird thing is, the flavors are WEIRD. Each color is equivalent to two flavors. If you’re lucky, you can taste the delicious and lesser evil flavors such as chocolates, caramel corn, coconut (ooh… I forgot the others). But if luck doesn’t love you, then you might just be eating the yuckiest flavors you could ever taste in your whole life. Baby wipes, centipede, canned dog food, molded cheese and BOOGER (for heaven’s sake) are just some of the flavors offered! But I tell you, they are edible. It’s just that, they’re flavors were inspired by those GROSS elements. But I know right, it’s still eeew!!! Bean Boozle is actually used as an icebreaker by some. But for our party, it’s going to be the punishment of the losing team.
                Before we leave the office, Waka asked the late comers to pick one from the box. She didn’t happen to be contented. So she asked the whole to pick one. We were 10 in the room. But only Rama - the sexy dancer – picked the BOOGER flavor! You should have seen her face! She almost vomited! Poor Rama! Hehe…
At 11:45 – we head on to St. Gemma’s Orphanage. It’s located along the National highway. When we arrived, the one of the facilitators was arranging the sound system while the other one called the kids. The number of kids was fewer than we expected. They were only 14. To tell you frankly, we have not prepared for the program. But fortunately, the program went well. We started with the introduction of the staff then of the children. We asked them about their talents and let them show it. They were all game! Some danced. Some sung. The funny thing is, they keep on dancing and singing the same song. I was happy, though, that the rest of the staff danced and sang with the kids. It’s like we had a little party there. I love that the kids cooperated.
At 2:00PM – we ended the program and we proceed to the next activity…the CHRISTMAS PARTY!!! We went to Piyesta Resto and KTV Bar. We reserved the good for 10 room. The moment we settled inside the room, the others immediately scanned the song list and entered the keys. We ordered garlic chicken and a tower of cocktail.
A week ago, I have posted the groupings for the parlor games: GREEN (Ate Birdie as the team leader), RED (my team) and BLUE (Abby was supposed to lead but since she’s not around, Claire took over). The first game that we were going to compete against each other was the KARAOKE CHALLENGE! I was the one who chose the first song for the first batch of singers. ALL BY MYSELF by Celine Dion, it is. Ramayanah (GREEN), Jonnafe (RED) and Kristine (BLUE) sang their throats out. But it’s Rama who got the highest score of 80%. The winning team won’t do anything and will have the chance to get P700 cash prize based on the average score. The second placer will have to try their luck on picking up the bean boozles, while the loser of all losers will drink beaten raw eggs. Disgusting! So since the RED Team only got 76%, I have no choice but to drink the egg yolk. I just ignored the smell, ‘coz I have to!
On the second round, the leaders were chosen to sing. So it’s mine’s, Ate Birdie’s and Claire’s battle. The song was chose by Ate Birdie – I HAVE NOTHING by Whitney Houston. Two songs before we our clash, I felt my heart beating faster. I didn’t take the challenge so seriously but the fact that I HAVE A GROUP RELYING ON ME SO WE COULD NOT DRINK ANOTHER SET OF BEATEN RAW EGGS AGAIN, made me nervous. Ate Birdie was the first one to sing. Oh man! She was good at high notes! And she knows the song! They all cheered when she got a high score. When it was my turn, I was secretly shaking. Haha! I sang the song even if I don’t know it pretty well. I was worried about my timing. Boy that song would take out your soul from your body. I didn’t get some of the high notes, so I just shouted with all my energy. To mine and to my group’s surprise, my score was a little higher than Ate Birdie’s! We got so much hope then until Claire started to sing. She said she doesn’t know the song but when she started, she got all the notes correctly, and her timing was perfect! Her score was 86%, which means, my team played only the second best.
                The last and final round was for Caryl (GREEN), Shandy (RED) and Chieldon (BLUE). The song we chose for them was ALONE by Heart. Ate Birdie and I weren’t that harsh, eh? ALONE was one of my frustration but Chieldon hit the notes while sitting comfortably on the couch. Caryl didn’t know the song well so she missed the timing. Shandy, on the other hand, stood up and faced the KTV machine. Like me, she has a low pitch. But to disbelief, she scored 87%! The highest score among all of us! That meant, we don’t have to take any of the punishments!!! Plus, we won the P700 cash prize! Yahooooo!!!!!
                After the KTV challenge, we finally exchanged our gifts. I gave mine to Shandy. I hope she didn’t mind the unfortunate wrapper – which I put a lot of effort on - of her gift. My secret Santa was Ate Birdie! I love the pens that she gave me. In fact, I already used them to practice my abstract-like art.
                At 6:30PM – we rode all the way to Tokyok’s Superlanes for our next parlor game. Ate Birdie and Orly can’t come with us anymore.  So since only 12 of us are present, we decided to cut the three into two groups for the bowling challenge. It was fun! Especially if you’re there watching some of the girls dropping the balls like they’re playing basketball. Haha! My last play was almost six years ago and I was not exempted from the hitless rounds where my balls slid all the way to the canals. However, as the game became exciting, I learned to study the techniques so that I can keep up with the score. Fortunately, I got the highest score in our group which gave us a chance to get the cash prize. But Kristine, who substituted for Monich to be my opponent, played better on the final game. She hit a strike, ergo, I fall short of the points. I’m sorry team! :D
                The bowling challenge was for the other team’s benefit. They got the P700.00! We actually had another game to be played for but due to the veeeeeerrrryyyy looooooong day that we had, we can’t manage to have the Pinoy Henyo anymore. So I told everyone to just use the money for our dinner. Our last stop was at Jollibee, which just happens to be in front of the bowling lanes. As soon as I stepped in to the room, I felt my shoulders and back amazingly hurting, notwithstanding the grasping of air that I was experiencing due to my runny nose. I also got a fever.

                So that's how I spend my Christmas with the people dear to me. It was definitely exhausting and all my energies were offered, but then again, I don't regret any of it. This might be the last Christmas that I will spend in college so I thought of making the most out of it. Thanks to my TIME MANAGEMENT abilities. ;)

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